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Director of Original 'The Crow' Movie Disavows Reboot: 'Fan's Response Speaks Volumes'

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In 2024, it’s hardly a surprise to hear fans grousing about the endless stream of remakes, reboots and otherwise creatively bankrupt ideas flowing out of Hollywood.

It’s a bit more surprising when you hear a card-carrying member of Hollywood decrying his peers.

Director Alex Proyas surprised some — though not all — after he begrudgingly took a jab at the peers who are responsible for the upcoming movie, “The Crow.”

Before Proyas’ comments, however, a quick bit of background: There is an upcoming movie called “The Crow” which is a remake of the 1994 “The Crow” film that Proyas had directed.

Did you watch the 1994 “The Crow” movie?
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The story largely appears to be the same in both movies. Both “Crow” movies are dark revenge tales, focusing on Eric Draven. Portrayed by Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee’s son) in 1994, and Bill Skarsgård in 2024, both iterations of Draven are murdered, alongside his love interest, in cold blood.

From there, a supernatural entity that takes the form of a crow grants Draven effective immortality so he can chase revenge. There’s obviously much more to the plot, but you’re more or less caught up on what you need to know.

Given the 30-year difference in the films, there’s a clear tonal difference between them.

You can take a look at both respective trailers below (and feel free to make your own judgment on which you think is/will be the better movie):

One last bit of a background critical to Proyas’ critique of the 2024 film: The 1994 film was tragically and infamously known for being Brandon Lee’s final role. Lee was killed during the making of the movie when a hollow round fired on set turned out to be a live round.

(Yes, the incident eerily recalls the controversy that has enveloped actor Alec Baldwin.)

Due to all of the above, Proyas, whose credits also include blockbusters like “I, Robot,” took to his Facebook in a since-deleted post to skewer the 2024 remake.

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“I really don’t get any joy from seeing negativity about any fellow filmmakers work,” Proyas posted, according to Variety. “And I’m certain the cast and crew really had all good intentions, as we all do on any film.

“So it pains me to say any more on this topic, but I think the fan’s response speaks volumes. [‘The Crow’] is not just a movie. Brandon Lee died making it, and it was finished as a testament to his lost brilliance and tragic loss.

“It is his legacy. That’s how it should remain.”

Proyas’ reference to “the fan’s response” was regarding a article that noted the sheer number of dislikes the 2024 “The Crow” trailer had garnered on YouTube.

Anyone who has paid attention to Proyas in the past, however, would hardly be surprised that he has taken this stance on “The Crow” reboot.

“THE CROW would not be a movie worth ‘remaking’ if it wasn’t for Brandon Lee,” Proyas wrote in 2017. “If it wasn’t for Brandon you may never have even heard of this poignant little underground comic. It is Brandon’s movie.

“I believe it is a special case where Hollywood should just let it remain a testament to a man’s immense talent and ultimate sacrifice – and not have others re-write that story or add to it.”

Audiences will have the chance to let their wallets speak in favor of — or against — Proyas when “The Crow” releases to theaters on June 7.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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