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Disney Demands Correction of 'Fake' Photos from Set of Woke 'Snow White' Reboot - Changes Tune When They're Proven Real

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Disney hasn’t produced a genuinely funny comedy like this since 1961’s “The Absent Minded Professor.”


The House of Mouse, already subject to a laundry list of issues at the moment, found itself in yet another controversy recently — a controversy completely of their own over-reactionary making.

On Friday, the U.K. Daily Mail published a story purporting to show image leaks from Disney’s upcoming live-action Snow White remake.

Somehow, those images initially drew ire from across the ideological spectrum.

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Even longtime Disney fans were finally beginning to express fatigue with yet another re-telling of a familiar story — regardless of the “live-action” trappings of it all.

Disney’s staunchest critics, meanwhile, latched onto a different aspect of the Snow White remake — namely, the princess based on the 1812 German parable appeared to have lost any trace of her German heritage.

Indeed, actress Rachel Zegler, who has been tapped for the iconic role, is of Colombian and Polish descent, according to Classic FM. (The viral images actually show Zegler’s stand-in.)

Will you be watching Disney’s “Snow White” reboot?

Ah, but wait!

Just as all this universal outrage was hitting a fever pitch, Disney told The Daily Beast that those triggering images were, in fact, “fake” and that the studio had asked the Daily Mail for a correction.

The Daily Beast obviously ran with that story and it appeared, for a brief moment, that this brouhaha was much ado about fake news.

And there was quite a bit of fake news. It just so happened to be from Disney.

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This is the palpably annoyed editor’s note that now prefaces The Daily Beast story:

“Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect that after Disney’s U.S. spokesperson initially declared the photos published by the Daily Mail were fake, the studio later said the photos were from the production but were not official photos.”

There’s a clear, distinct and flagrant difference between “not official” and “fake,” and in its zeal to head off any negative press it can, Disney appeared to flat-out lie about that difference, making the entire debacle a thousand times worse in the process.

After it was revealed that these new photos were, in fact, from their newest live-action abomination, Disney’s tune quickly changed — going from a rather accusatory tune to complete silence.

To its minimal credit, silence probably is the best route for Disney at the moment.

The company, by any metric, is doing terribly (the parks, movies, and streaming branches are all recording far more losses than hits) and putting out such embarrassing backtracking statements like in this Snow White debacle are the last thing the company needs.

For that matter, these race-swapped, virtue-signaling, live-action re-imaginings are also some of the last things that Disney needs because it truly represents the creative nadir the company finds itself in.

Set aside all the far-left ideological nonsense in these films — the race-swapping, the altered stories, the warped themes, all of it — and you’re still left with a creatively bankrupt movie cashing a paycheck off the husk of a 100-plus-year-old story.

Toss in all that divisive, partisan hackery and it’s pretty easy to see why the company is in the poor shape it’s in.

CORRECTION, July 18, 2023: Actress Rachel Zegler is of Colombian and Polish descent. An earlier version of this article misstated her background.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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