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Disney's Upcoming 'Bambi' Remake Will Bring a Big Change to Iconic Hunter Scene

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Since Disney seems utterly insistent on remaking every classic from its vault (well, maybe not “Song of the South”), it was never a matter of if Disney would eventually remake the 1942 classic “Bambi,” but when.

While talks of a live-action Bambi movie have persisted for years now, it wasn’t until this year that things began crystallizing.

As Deadline reported in June, the film now has its director in Sarah Polley. At the time, Deadline noted the film was “in very early development.”

(There is still no official release date for this film. Many experts have pegged 2025 as the likeliest release year.)

Now, a former writer attached to the movie is shedding some light on some of the on-screen happenings of the live-action film — and it’s raising some eyebrows.

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Lindsey Anderson Beer spoke to entertainment site Collider about the movie she was once attached to (she has a number of active films in the works, and they’re the reason she ultimately left the live-action Bambi project.)

But the most attention-catching part of her interview came when she discussed one of the most iconic and legendary death scenes in all of film — when the unnamed hunter shoots and kills Bambi’s mother.

“Not to spoil the plot, but there’s a treatment of the mom dying that I think some kids, some parents these days are more sensitive about than they were in the past,” Anderson Beer told Collider. “And I think that’s one of the reasons that they haven’t shown [the 1942 Bambi movie] to their children.”

The screenwriter added: “I do think there is a way to update Bambi and our take on it was… did give a little bit more of a scope to it. And I just think that to be able to bring it to life for kids these days in a way that maybe they relate to a little bit more would be of service to the original.”

Many outlets, such as Newsweek and ScreenRant took Anderson Beer’s remarks as proof positive that Disney would be straying from the source material for Bambi, particularly in regards to softening the mother’s death scene.

Online backlash on social media was just as swift, with many people pillorying the revelation for one reason or another.

And look, while dunking on Disney, a creatively bankrupt woke company with absolutely no scruples, is as American as apple pie in 2023, it’s still worth examining why this purported particular scene change is triggering such strong responses.

After all, this isn’t an obviously problematic matter like a man pretending to be a woman or infringing on Constitutional rights — this is a far deeper societal issue.

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Namely: Death is a part of life. Grief is a part of life. Loneliness is a part of life.

Learning to cope, grow and work through those feelings is a key aspect of growing up and it’s something today’s youths are hopelessly robbed of, largely thanks to the left and its puppets — like Disney and Big Pharma.

“There’s no such thing as loss. Here’s a participation trophy!”

“There’s no such thing as sorrow. Here’s some anti-depressants!”

“There’s no such thing as loneliness. Here’s the government!”

You know what kind of adults this produces? The kind that think they can get away with anything and expect you to play along in perpetuity.

So yes, this is literally just one potential scene change in an upcoming movie — but it feels representative of so much more about everything that’s wrong in society today.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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