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Disturbing Sight as Half-Dressed People Crowd Onto Public Transit for 'No Pants Day'

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It seems as if every day, the woke left manages to find more and more disgusting ways to foist their sexual deviances on non-consenting bystanders, including children.

On Jan. 14, decent residents of Phoenix, Arizona, were accosted by the sight of hundreds of adults participating in No Pants Light Rail Ride. The controversial event involves individuals riding public trains wearing nothing on the lower half of their bodies except underwear.

According to, there were “boxers, briefs, and one dude parading around in a bikini-cut leather affair with the zipper strategically — potentially painfully, I’d imagine — placed over his, um, assets.”

The event appears to be the brainchild of Charlie Todd, founder of Improv Everywhere, who reportedly started the No Pants rides, but the event had not been staged since 2020 — perhaps the only good thing to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic social distancing mandates.

According to their website, Improv Everywhere claims to have pioneered the concept of large-scale public pranks and comedic flash mobs years before the terms entered the mainstream and espouses the motto “We Cause Scenes.”

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A glimpse at the photographs of their event in Phoenix confirms they achieved their objective.

Apparently, for this group and its followers, exhibitionism isn’t enough — it needed to be done on Phoenix’s light rail public transit, where photographs reveal grown men wearing fetish underwear standing with their unmentionables exactly in the eye line of sitting travelers and small children.

Warning: The following tweets contain images that may be offensive to some people.

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According to Not The Bee, pre-pandemic, the event was less risqué and seemed more like “dumb fun,” but this year “the ride features nothing but LGBTQ, BDSM, furries, and children (because, of course).”

Arizona Women of Action posted a picture of a young boy shielding his eyes from the sight of a group of scanty-even-for-underwear-clad adults, tweeting, “What a disgrace, @MayorGallego “Over the weekend, pantless passengers swarmed Phoenix’s light rail as part of an annual “No Pants Light Rail Ride.” Several children caught up in the risqué event were captured on camera looking dismayed at the scene.”

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Podcast host Matt Walsh tweeted, “This city of Phoenix just allowed something called “No Pants Light Rail Day” to take place. A group of adults rode public transportation in their underwear. Some of them wore fetish gear. Children were present. This is horrific. Every adult involved should be in jail.”

While some people may say that this is no different than a public pool or the beach, they miss one crucial point — proximity.

No one at the beach is forced to rub bodies against other people with barely covered lower halves. The use of a packed light rail to conduct this event, rather than just going out in the street, reveals the level of deviance and the need for a captive audience that has no choice but to look and even possibly make physical contact.

Opinion Columnist Abigail Anthony hit the double standard of the left on the head in a National Review piece where she pointed out how progressives rail about the “disgusting atrocity” of “manspreading” on public transit but have no problem with half-naked men on the same train.

“Let us reflect on the new standard,” Anthony wrote. “It is abhorrent when a fully clothed man occupies a bit of extra space on the subway, but it is delightful when adults are pant-less among children on public transportation. You’re reprehensible if you sit with your legs wide apart, but you’re harmless if you sit on the train in your undies. Got it?”

Anthony is right.

The standards keep shifting.

But what’s worse is that each time they move, they seem to close in more on the children.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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