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DNA Evidence Has Unmasked Jack The Ripper, Once and For All

It looks as though police were hot on the trail of The Ripper in 1888, but they couldn’t seal the deal.




There are some mysteries that the human race may never truly get to the bottom of, and that’s okay.

It’s these ethereal wonderments that add a little spooky spice to our lives.  Everyone has a ghost story, a lot of folks think they’ve seen UFO’s, and how many times have you heard a song on the radio just after thinking about it?

Pop culture is full of these mysteries as well; The Bermuda Triangle, the alleged UFO crash at Roswell, and others have been fascinating people all over the world for ages.

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Now it seems as though one of England’s most sinister mysteries has been solved.

A blood-covered shawl found at one of the murder scenes is believed to contain DNA from both butchered victim Catherine Eddowes and the world’s most infamous serial killer.

Researchers at Liverpool John Moores University conducted genetic tests on the sample long-thought to have belonged to the Ripper himself, who they now believe to be Pole Aaron Kosminski.

The process used was painstaking, but for the sake of accuracy.

“We describe for the first time systematic, molecular level analysis of the only surviving physical evidence linked to the Jack the Ripper murders,” the authors  wrote in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

This is also the second time that Kosminski was scientifically linked to the shawl by DNA.


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Hikers Find Abandoned Puppy, Then Get HUGE Surprise



coyote wildlife

Americans are animal lovers, by and large, and stories of our unique relationship with these creatures has been well documented in the past. As a nation of explorers and farmers, we have spent centuries in the presence of animals; from livestock to lapdogs, and venison to vermin.  Of the myriad creatures that we interact with on a regular basis, nothing is more iconic than the dog.  After all, this is an animal whose very existence stems from the influence of the human species on the wolf species some 10,000 years ago. Dogs are no longer the wild creatures that their ancestors were, and, as such, hold a special place in our collective heart.  That’s why a group of hikers in California couldn’t resist an opportunity to help a young pup with they found her abandoned on their walk. Now, however, they have a whole different story to tell. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the man was walking his dog when he spotted what he thought was an abandoned puppy. The hiker picked the animal up and took it home, where he called the San Diego Humane Society. Wildlife officers then went to the man’s home, where they examined the animal. “Our Humane Officers recently received a call about an abandoned puppy in a canyon in Tierrasanta. To their surprise, the little creature was actually a coyote pup!” explained the San Diego Humane Society, in a Facebook post. “The officers took the adorable pup to Project Wildlife for care before being transferred to The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center.” The tiny canid is now in good hands. Rehabilitation is ongoing and, despite some challenges, wildlife experts are hopeful that this young coyote can be released back into the wild at an appropriate time.

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Liz Warren, Lagging in Polls and Cash, Offers Up Hail Mary on Student Loan Debt

Liz Warren’s campaign isn’t going according to plan, and this latest diatribe has her snatching at millennial voters in desperation.



elizabeth warren

The democratic field for 2020 is already enormous, with no fewer than 20 candidates on the dance floor. And while it may look as though all of these liberal politicos are dancing to the same tune, we are beginning to see a few candidates attempting to distance themselves from the rest. Somewhat predictably, the policy positions that would be most helpful in distinguishing these candidates are also the most radical.  Similar, the candidates who are espousing them are all the one who are struggling to stand out in the crowded field. Liz Warren, who entered the presidential race earlier than many, has routinely been looking to manufacture this sort of “breakthrough” moment in the campaign.  Her first foray into this field was a farcical video broadcast from her kitchen, while drinking a beer and cooking dinner.   The only issue was who phony and staged the entire thing felt, from the undoubted use of professional lighting to the mental tick Warren had about keeping the label of her beer bottle from facing the camera.  (We wouldn’t want to alienate the Coors drinkers in Miller country, after all). Now, as Warren’s campaign admits to recent fundraising struggles, a bold new strategy is emerging for the dwindling democrat. Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has identified something else to finance with her proposed wealth tax: wiping out student debt and tuition at public colleges. The Massachusetts senator, who has raced ahead of her 2020 rivals with detailed plans to rearrange America’s economic priorities, unveiled on Monday her proposal for easing access to higher education. It would: Spend $1.25 trillion over 10 years to eliminate up to $50,000 in student debt for those with household incomes under $100,000 Allow states to make public colleges tuition-free Spend $100 billion on expanded Pell grants to defray…

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