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DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Makes Ridiculous Claim About National Borders

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Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee claimed on Wednesday that for our country to have national borders is “an injustice” as it keeps Mexican workers from coming to the United States to look for higher paying jobs.

Ellison gave this twisted up opinion during an interview with Rabbi Michael Lerner who is a well known liberal activist.

In other words, by having borders designed to protect both our physical safety and economic prosperity and security, we’re a bunch of meanies who are preventing Mexican folk from moving up the corporate ladder.

“We just have to say that the 12 million undocumented people in the United States are here because somebody wants them to be. But they want them here to do the work, but they don’t want them to get any rights. They don’t want to pay them fairly. They don’t want them to be able to bargain collectively. They don’t want them to be able to get occupational safety and standards. And that is what’s really going on,” Ellison said.

“And these trade agreements, you know, they allow capital to travel other borders, and all capital is, is people who happen to own something we call a corporation, which is a legal arrangement which gives them special rights. And labor, which is a regular person, cannot travel back and forth across the border,” he continued. “And so corporations, certain people who get certain rights, can go back and forth across the border seeking out the lowest wages, but people, regular people, cannot go back and forth across the border seeking out the highest wages. So what it creates is an imbalance. It creates an injustice.”

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Ellison’s comments, which were quickly clipped and circulated by the Republican National Committee, are just the latest instance of the congressman signaling his support for a far-left, open-borders agenda.

Ellison sported a T-shirt calling for the elimination of national borders while walking in a parade in May. The next month, he posed for a picture next to a sign that read, “No human being is illegal on stolen land.

A nation without borders is not a nation. If we just leave the door unlocked so any Tom, Dick, and Harry can come on in, then we not only create a national security crisis enabling our enemies to have complete access to our country and citizens, we also put our resources at risk too.

One of the legitimate uses of power for a government is to protect its citizens from outside invasion. That’s precisely what our borders and immigration system do. That’s their function. This isn’t an “injustice” because economic prosperity and success is not a guaranteed, God-given right. If people in other countries want what we have, they should come here the right way. Or work toward social change in their homelands.

Hopefully one day the left will get this point.

Source: The Daily Caller

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