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Doctor On NBC Says Masks, Travel Restrictions Still Necessary After Vaccine; Ted Cruz Delivers Perfect Response

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Dr. Vin Gupta sat down this week with MSNBC host Chuck Todd to discuss the ramifications of taking the coronavirus vaccine and when, now that it’s arrived, we might look forward to getting back to life as usual.

According to Gupta, the answer is no time soon. In fact, the health policy analyst said that we’ll need to wear masks and restrict travel until every single person in the country is given the full vaccine.

The insanity of this statement ruffled the feathers of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who took to Twitter to completely eviscerate Gupta and the Doom and Gloom Patrol who, for some strange and sick reason, want masks and social distancing and lockdowns to become the new normal.

via Daily Wire:

That triggered Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to snap back on Twitter, “This is a bizarre, lunatic, totalitarian cult. It’s not about vaccines or protecting people’s lives — it is instead profoundly anti-science, and is only focused on absolute govt control of every aspect of our lives.”

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Todd asked Gupta: “Are you getting your vaccination this week?”

“Tomorrow morning, and I’m grateful for it,” Gupta replied. “Chuck, I just wanted to say, just a follow-up on what Yasmin mentioned; just for your viewers out there. I know one of the individual schools we just saw getting vaccinated is planning on traveling after this second dose. This is a source of confusion; this is one of the misperceptions here: just ’cause you get vaccinated with that second dose does not mean you should be participating in things like traveling in the middle of an out-of-control pandemic or that you’re liberated from masks.

“Everything still applies until all of us get the two-dose regimen,” Gupta insisted. “We don’t think that’s going to happen until June and July. And again, this goes back to what we just talked about, Chuck. We don’t know if just getting the vaccination prevents serious illness or does it all prevent you from getting infection entirely. Meaning you can still get infected with the virus potentially and pass it on to others. So really, really, critical: don’t let your guard down just ’cause you got vaccinated. You still might be able to get infected with the virus and pass it on to others, so please keep that in mind.”

So what, exactly, is the point of taking the vaccine if we’re all just going to be in lockdown and forced to still wear masks? Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose behind getting vaccinated?

If you’re still a threat and a risk of being a carrier after vaccinating, then perhaps this particular vaccine isn’t really all that effective? Something strange is going on in America, folks.

Cruz is right. This definitely doesn’t seem like the kind of statement a person would make if they weren’t pushing some sort of power grabbing agenda. Here’s to hoping common sense makes a comeback to the United States.

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