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Doctors Stunned by 'Unheard-of' Cancer Treatment Success 

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Cancer.  The Big C.  The ubiquitous and horrible ailment that has almost certainly affected you or someone you know over the course of your life is a terrifying reality of the world we live in.

In fact, cancer is so incredibly detrimental to the health of the world that its potential cure has been seen as a pipe-dream for generations upon generations.

Now, however, Doctors in New York have made an unbelievable discovery that’s shaking the medical community to its core.

A small NYC-led cancer trial has achieved a result reportedly never before seen – the total remission of cancer in all of its patients.

To be sure, the trial — led by doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering and backed by drug maker GlaxoSmithKline — has only completed treatment of 12 patients, with a specific cancer in its early stages and with a rare mutation as well.

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But the results, reported Sunday in the New England Journal of Medicine and the New York Times, were still striking enough to prompt multiple physicians to tell the paper they were believed to be unprecedented.

And, succinctly:

One cancer specialist told the Times it was an “unheard-of” result.

Doctors have stated that they are unsure of whether or not the treatment would have any use outside of this very specific set of circumstances, but that the stunning results will be studied intently in the coming weeks.

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