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Dogs All Over TN Acted Strangely on Sunday Night...Here's Why

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Ask any dog owner, and they’ll give you dozens of reasons why their particular pooches are special…with every answer being right in their own way.

These companion animals have been amazing us for centuries, as they use some of their hypersensitive abilities to work in tandem with their human owners.  From police dogs chasing down the bad guys and searching for missing persons, to the family pet that staves off an attack by a bear or mountain lion, man’s best friend is truly remarkable.

But on Sunday night, dog owners all over Tennessee reported strange behavior from their pets all around the same time, unbeknownst to one another.

Scientists think that they know why.

Did your dog or cat wake suddenly between 11:30 p.m. and midnight Sunday? There may be an explanation.

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FOX 17 Code Red Meteorologist Greg Bobos says a solar flare that cause a coronal mass ejection impacted the planet.

Since dogs (and some cats) are sensitive to Earth’s magnetic field, this could explain the baffling behavior many pet owners observed Sunday.

The behavior varied wildly from dog to dog, but the timing was uncanny.

FOX 17 News viewers across Middle Tennessee have sent us reports of their dogs waking suddenly. Melissa in Portland, Tennessee says it sounded like someone “knocked on the door three times lightly.”

“Around 11ish sound like someone knocked one the door three times lightly heard it two times,” Melissa said. “Dogs went nuts.”

Donia, in Hendersonville, says her dog also woke up around 11:30 p.m. to midnight.

“Our dog woke up between 1130 and 12 last night growling and then peed on our comforter,” Donia tells FOX 17 News. “He never pees in the house much less in the bed. Weird!”

Powerful solar flares aren’t only detected by our dogs, however, as GPS and satellite communications can take a hit from these events, rendering them prone to malfunction.

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