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DOJ Says Mar-a-Lago Raid Files Already Scoured by FBI

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As Donald Trump continues to rail against the FBI’s actions in their raid of Mar-a-Lago, his effort to have a “special master” assigned to the investigation appears to have been stymied by the Bureau’s efficiency.

Trump’s hope was that the “special master” would be able to intervene as an unbiased third party by reviewing the documents seized from his Florida estate, and force the DOJ to return those that did not fit the precise language of the highly-specific search warrant.

Unfortunately for Trump, the FBI’s “filter team” got to them first.

FBI agents have already finished their examination of possibly privileged documents seized in an Aug. 8 search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, according to a Justice Department court filing Monday that could undercut the former president’s efforts to have a special master appointed to review the files.

The “filter team” used by the Justice Department to sort through the documents and weed out any material that should not be reviewed by criminal investigators has completed its review, the brief filed by Justice Department prosecutors says. The filing came in response to a decision Saturday by U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon to hold a hearing this week on Trump’s motion seeking the appointment of a special master.

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Trump has repeatedly suggested that the raid was meant to exact a political toll on his chances are reelection in 2024, he has demanded that the DOJ return these documents to his possession.


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