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Don Lemon’s Sour Language has Viewers Making Faces

Even if we give Lemon the benefit of the doubt, the slip-up makes him a terribly irresponsible “journalist”.



The supposed “tolerance” of the bleeding heart liberals in America is waning, and waning quickly.

The successes of President Donald Trump are the likely culprit here, with the left becoming increasingly frustrated by their inability to quell his support.  Trump was, according to them, supposed to fail miserably due to his lack of political experience.

What the left forgot was that our nation was built around the idea that we would hire citizens to short-term public service contracts, with Trump fitting that bill precisely.

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Now, in their push to rebuke the President, those who adhere to a liberal point of view are turning vitriolic and clumsy, with even the most ardent democratic pontificators falling victim to their own unkempt anger.

CNN’s Don Lemon immediately walked back an apparent sexual slur that he used on Wednesday night while appearing on a segment on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”

The segment originally started out with Cuomo talking about PETA’s list of “anti-animal language” and then transitioned into talking about “more serious things.”

At the end of the segment, Lemon told Cuomo: “Don’t be a chickenhead.”

The term “chickenhead” is a slang derogatory term that is used to describe someone who likes performing oral sex on a man and is considered to be especially degrading toward women.

Of course, we must remember that these are the same pundits who declared that every strange phrase being emitted from Brett Kavanaugh’s mouth was somehow a perverted code for some deviant sexual act.

For Lemon to claim that he is oblivious to the meaning of his words not only flies in the face of his former knowledge of sexual innuendo, but also breaks the first rule of journalism:  Don’t let words slip past your teeth that you yourself cannot be responsible for.



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