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Don Lemon’s Week of Heavy Hyperbole Continues with New GOP Accusation

Lemon’s latest reads like the sensationalism of a man who’s concerned about his ratings.



It has long been understood that pundits within the mainstream media have but one job:  To keep viewers engaged long enough to catch a few car insurance commercials, which, in turn, pays their exorbitant salaries.

And there are few ways in which this can be done:  Anchors could simply provide compelling coverage of the news, a la actual journalism, for starters.  This would be the golden standard, of course, but it comes at the expense of having to actually put the work in.

Instead, most within the infotainment industry rely on sensationalism to keep eyeballs on their product.  They want us to be emotionally invested in their programs, and so they poke and prod us into paying attention.

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Often times, pundits will use our own anger to keep us invested – which is likely an enormous part of the problem with America’s political animosity today.

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CNN’s Don Lemon is no stranger to this tactic, and took an ugly shot at the Republican Party this week, in what could be described as an attempt to manufacture outrage in pursuit of ratings.

Referencing Marjorie Taylor Greene’s comments comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust, Lemon continued, “It took leaders of her party five whole days to speak out about the lunacy of one freshman congresswoman. The top three House Republicans putting out statements today. They have been in front of cameras. They could have said something. Talk is cheap. This is the party that threw Liz Cheney under the bus for telling the truth. It took them five days to condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene’s antisemitism.”

He continued, “I want you to think about this, whatever you do for a living, if there was someone in your workplace who said some stuff like this, what would happen to them? Would they still have a job? Would they still be respected? Would you still respect them? Would you? Would they still hang on? I think you know the answer.”

Then came the meticulously crafted soundbites, meant to incense and enrage parts of his audience.

Lemon added, “Sources telling CNN that GOP donors and House members urged McCarthy to urge him to say something, but he’s unlikely to kick her out of the conference. One source saying ‘Donald Trump likes her, and Kevin doesn’t want to upset Trump.’ There you have it. That’s what Republicans are signing up for, allegiance to —you know how this part goes, say it with me, a disgraced, twice-impeached, one-term former president who could face potential criminal charges over his family business. That’s where we are tonight after a year of turmoil, a year of hate and division, a year of COVID, a year of reckoning with race in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. That’s where we are tonight, still, with the craziness, the insanity on the right. One party, that’s who the Republican Party is. That’s what the Republican Party is right now. That’s who you are right now. Own it. The party of insensitive statements about the Holocaust and Jewish people. The party of antisemitism.”

Lemon’s assertion, that the GOP is inherently antisemitic, will likely draw a great rebuke from the Republican Party, who will simply need to license a few clips from Democratic lawmakers such as Omar Ilhan in order to refute the claim.

Earlier in the week, Lemon stated that the GOP was “obsolete”.


VP Harris Attacked by CNN Reporter Over Gibberish Answers on Border

But her suggestions for improvement weren’t any better, either.



From the very moment that Kamala Harris was tasked with solving the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, there have been concerns about her both her competence and her enthusiasm for the project. The Vice President has not only remained far, far away from the border in the 2+ months since being assigned the role, but her recent trip to Guatemala and Mexico saw her elicit some nonsensical answers regarding the situation. In fact, Madam Vice President’s responses were so ridiculous that even CNN couldn’t defend her. During an appearance on Don Lemon’s primetime program, a CNN reporter named Maeve Reston was brutal in her assessment of the VP’s work. Reston said, “I think that we’ve seen this time and again from Kamala Harris, Don, throughout the campaign in 2020. When she doesn’t like a question that she gets, she often deflects it in a way that can seem defensive. And the point that Lester Holt was making was obvious to anyone else who was watching this interview, which is that the issues at the border are inextricably linked with the portfolio that she’s been given, which is to slow — to stem the flow of migration from Central America. And so, it was a really perplexing answer that came off as flippant. And I think that’s what people within the White House are reacting to. Because there were…any number of ways that she could have answered this question that came off differently. Then came the idea of playing semantics: “I mean, she has visited the border as attorney general of California. She visited the border when she was a U.S. senator. And so, she’s reacting in a defensive way. Because the right has been trying to make her into the administration’s border czar, and that’s not the portfolio she…

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MSM Caught in ‘Big Lie’ as Feds Reveal Reason for Clearing Lafayette Square

The infotainment industry has a lot of explaining to do.



For over a year now, the mainstream media has consistently and continually attempted to vilify Donald Trump for a number of reasons, not the least of which was an incident that occurred in Washington DC one year ago this month, in which the then-President took a photo in Lafayette Square amid heavy protests that were dispersed with tear gas. The infotainment industry has long suggested that the tear gassing of protesters on that day was done simply for the sake of Trump’s photo op, and pundits have been leaning into this assumption heavily when they criticize the 45th President of the United States. As it turns out, all of that fuss was undeniably out of place. An internal government investigation has determined that the decision to forcibly clear racial justice protesters from an area in front of the White House last summer was not influenced by then-President Donald Trump’s plan to stage a Bible-toting photo opportunity at that spot. The report released Wednesday by the Interior Department’s inspector generalconcludes that the protesters were cleared by U.S. Park Police last June 1 so that a contractor could get started installing new fencing. The timing of the incident is proof positive that the media’s portrayal was purposefully inaccurate. Park Police officials had already planned to clear the area and “had begun implementing the operational plan several hours before they knew of a potential Presidential visit to the park,” Inspector General Mark Lee Greenblatt said in a statement accompanying the report. As CNN and others continue to bludgeon the nation over the head with their talk of a “big lie”, perhaps it’s time that they were reminded of the anecdote about throwing stones in glass houses.

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