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Donald Trump Jr. Fixed Nike's Colin Kaepernick Ad and What He Did is a Vast Improvement

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President Trump’s son, Donald Jr., is not a huge fan of the Colin Kaepernick Nike ad that’s been stirring up so much controversy this week, so he decided to take it upon himself to fix it, posting his new and improved version on Instagram.

As you might expect, the Internet had a whole lot to say about it.

Here’s the original ad:

Trump Jr. responded by removing Kaepernick’s face and inserting President Donald Trump’s face:

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There, fixed it for you. #maga

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Since he is a billionaire, Trump committed to giving the salary that he earns as president to different causes.

Trump donated the salary that he made in the first quarter of this year “to the Department of Veterans Affairs, a gesture the White House said underscores his commitment to recognizing the sacrifices to military and their families,” the Military Times reported.

Since taking over as President, Trump has lost approximately $400 million in personal wealth — which is most likely the greatest decline in personal wealth any U.S. President has ever endured.

It seems highly unlikely that anyone would really care about the ad campaign or its message, if they had chosen a better spokesperson to be the face of it.

However, Kaepernick is a man who has prided himself on disparaging his country, his flag, and the folks who have bled and died to provide him with liberty. That’s just not acceptable on a societal level.

Plus, his extreme left-wing positions on issues has alienated a lot of the NFL fanbase as more and more players join in his faux crusade, which has hurt the sport tremendously.

No one is saying not to stand boldly for what you believe in. Heck, that’s what makes America great. The problem is how he’s chosen to go about it. If he protested in other ways, there would be people who disagreed, sure, but at least respect and gratitude for one’s country would be preserved.

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