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Donald Trump Suggests He Has 'Absolute Immunity' in Civil Suits

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For almost as long as anyone can remember, Donald Trump has enjoyed the nickname “Teflon Don”, suggesting that no amount of serious trouble can stick to him.

This was true during his days as a notoriously powerful NYC business developer, and it has continued throughout his political career and beyond.  Now that there are plenty of people targeting Trump in his post-first-term life, The Don is making an extraordinary claim about his potential culpability.

Former President Donald Trump is claiming “absolute immunity” in all civil suits pertaining to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Trump’s preliminary statement to the court has been released, in which the former president’s legal team dismisses the possibility of civil suits against Trump entirely, citing presidential immunity.

The statement is a strong one.

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“This appeal requires the adjudication of a simple but important constitutional issue regarding the separation of powers: whether the scope of the presidential absolute immunity continues to reach the outer perimeters of presidential responsibilities or whether the immunity can be undercut if the presidential act in question is unpopular among the judiciary,” the statement read.

And that wasn’t all:

Trump’s legal team continued, “This question has already been answered by the Supreme Court, which held that the immunity is rooted in constitutional separation of powers, and it is especially important to the President because he deals with matters that are controversial and arouse intense feelings.”

As Trump’s potential 2024 run continues to loom over the horizon, there is a very real possibility that the legal challenges he faces will increase, and establishing this precedent will go a long way toward seeing him on the ballot once again.

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