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Dr. Fauci Assures Children: I Flew to the North Pole & Vaccinated Santa Claus Myself

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If Joe Biden winds up taking over at noon on January 20, he has said he will keep Dr. Fauci on his team. This, despite the man being wrong on numerous occasions about the COVID-19 virus.

Everybody makes mistakes, sure. But Fauci is supposedly the nation’s top dog when it comes to infectious diseases. It would be like retaining an NFL head coach who lost 32 games in a row.

Doesn’t make sense.

From The Daily Wire:

Dr. Anthony Fauci assured children on Saturday that Santa Claus is immune from COVID-19 because he personally traveled to the North Pole to administer the vaccine to him.

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Responding to pre-recorded questions from young children and a masked Elmo during a Sesame Street-themed COVID-19 town hall on CNN, Fauci answered one six-year-old boy who asked, “Will Santa still be able to visit me in coronavirus season? What if he can’t go to anyone’s house or near his reindeer?”


Like most (if not all) liberal elites, this guy wants you to forgo seeing family this Christmas.

From Fox News:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said this week that he and his wife will not be seeing his three adult children for Christmas or for his birthday on Christmas Eve amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and urged other Americans to do the same.

Fauci made the comments during an interview with the Washington Post’s Power Up newsletter. He said it would mark the first Christmas not spent with his three daughters since they were born.

Resign, doc.

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