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Dr. Fauci Says Tucker Carlson 'Triggers Some of the Crazies in Society' (Video)

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Tucker Carlson viewers love their country and what it represents. They understand that America is still the shining beacon on the hill, where anyone can accomplish anything – if they’re willing to put in the effort.

Dr. Fauci thinks said viewers are “crazies.”

Is he talking about you?

From Mediaite:

Dr. Anthony Fauci took aim at Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Friday, saying in an interview with The Washington Post’s Geoff Edgers that he “triggers some of the crazies in society.”

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“I’m not concerned about what he says,” Fauci said. “It’s a little bit — I think you could say that when he does that, it triggers some of the crazies in society to start threatening me, actually threatening, which actually happens.”


Carlson has been highly critical of Fauci — the public face of the White House Coronavirus Task Force — for the aggressive response to the coronavirus by both the federal and state governments.


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