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Dr. Gorka: If the World Ends in 12 Years Like AOC Said, Can We At Least Drill in America Like They Do in Saudi?

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Sebastian Gorka, radio host and former Deputy Assistant to the President in the Trump administration, is asking the one question no one else will: “If the world is going to end in twelve years … why do we have to shut down oil drilling in America?”

Gorka asked as much during a segment on Newsmax Saturday.

“Explain to me — if the environment is so fragile, if the world is going to end in twelve years like AOC told us, why do we have to shut down oil drilling in America but it’s OK to drill in Saudi Arabia?” Gorka asked.

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“I’m not sure I get the logic … It’s OK to buy it from Saudi Arabia but not to drill it ourselves in Alaska?”

“It makes about as much sense as the average Biden speech.”

It’s true — Biden has prevented Americans from drilling their own oil. At the same time, he’s gone overseas and begged various other foreign powers to drill their own.

Which is it? Is drilling oil bad, or isn’t it?

Does Sebastion Gorka have a point?

As Gorka so eloquently put it, if it’s OK for Saudi Arabia to drill, why isn’t it OK for the U.S.?

This all speaks to a larger problem:

Sure, the climate may be heating up, but none of the left’s solutions to this problem are viable.

Going fully green would cause energy prices to skyrocket (Biden’s green energy initiatives have given us a sneak peek at what that would look like).

And doing so wouldn’t slow down climate change by much anyway, because the world’s largest carbon emitters — China and India — would continue to burn fuel.

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Their economies would prosper while ours would suffer.

Climate change would continue. The only difference is that our economy would be devastated while China becomes energy dominant.

This is already happening.

The headline of an October 18, 2021 article in The Federalist said it all — “While Western Nations Kill Energy, China Builds Coal Plants By The Dozen.”

The article’s author, Chuck Devore, went on to elaborate on the problem.

“The People’s Republic of China jails or ejects independent environmentalists while the West often elects them. Hence, all the action for this ‘global’ problem will remain in the West, increasing the costs of fuel, electricity, and goods for those least able to afford it,” Devore wrote.

“At the same time, the West continues handing the economic advantage of less expensive, more reliable energy to China’s brutal communist dictatorship.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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