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Dr. Phil's Video of the Border Crisis 'Shut Down' by Social Media Platforms - He Accuses Facebook and Others of Censorship

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Dr. Phil McGraw has been shepherding the mental health of Americans on daytime television for 21 seasons. He was a staple for millions of viewers on CBS until 2023, when he concluded his final season. Dr. Phil had bigger plans on the horizon, including a new primetime news and conversation show called “Dr. Phil Primetime” on Trinity Broadcast Network, and a recently released book called “We’ve Got Issues.”

Dr. Phil wanted to use his influence and new television platform for more, seeing a nation in severe distress. He launched Merit Street Media to add to the coverage of the pertinent issues, addressing them in the way only he could. Not surprising, one of the first among them is the invasion at our southern border.

As Dr. Phil lives in Dallas, familiarity with what is unraveling at the border begins in his own backyard. He seems gravely concerned, like so many of us. It stands to reason that he’d take a trip there in order to educate himself further and share what he learned. This was his intention, anyway. What occurred didn’t go as planned.

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His social media efforts, the ones meant to reveal the horrors of child trafficking at the southern border, were suddenly suppressed rather unexpectedly by algorithms on both Facebook and Instagram. Not even Dr. Phil was exempt. The way he explained it in a recent interview, it sounded like this was his first time coming up against what conservatives have been coping with for years.

Dr. Phil was livid. In Wednesday’s interview on iHeartRadio’s “The Breakfast Club,” Dr. Phil revealed just how much while expressing additional concerns about young adults and their propensity to use social media to get their news.

Is Dr. Phil right?

In the clip, Dr. Phil noted, “A scary number, I mean, I’m talking way over 50 percent of young people get 100 percent of their news from TikTok.” If you are a parent to a teenager or young adult, you know he isn’t wrong. TikTok isn’t just an entertainment platform anymore. Its reach and implications are jarring.

He went on to discuss his actions at length. “I put a clip up of my trip to the border … I posted it up on Facebook and Instagram and it was the part of me talking to him about trafficking these children … It was up about 50 minutes and going viral super fast … and then bang it just stopped … It got shut down.”

Dr. Phil sounded startled and distraught by the censorship he had experienced. “They just shut it down and you couldn’t see it,” he said. Dr. Phil experienced what has become an everyday occurrence for so many patriots.

Charlamagne Tha God, who hosted “The Breakfast Club” interview, admitted that he, too, had experienced this type of censorship. He said, “That happens to a lot of our content too … especially anytime you are talking politics, anything like that. YouTube has been suppressing us for years now.”

Both men continued to discuss their feelings about these kinds of deceptive social media tactics. As the conversation continued, Dr. Phil brought up another point which seemed to confound him even more.

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He said, “See, here’s the thing. We’re guaranteed free speech under the First Amendment. What it says is that the government will pass no law. Okay. And the government hasn’t. We are doing this to each other. We are muzzling each other. What the h*** is up with that? We are muzzling each other. That’s what’s so disturbing to me.”

Good morning, Dr. Phil. He truly just woke up if you ask me. Now someone needs to let him in on the fact that Big Tech, including most social media platforms, are widely considered another arm of the Biden administration, liberal left and Democratic Party. Oprah isn’t the one to lean on at this time.

At the conclusion of the conversation, Dr. Phil admittedly bummed a question from Charlamagne Tha God: “Why are we acting like this is normal?” He was referring to the censorship of the critical issues shared by conservatives on social media.

The answer is because it has become very normal for those on the right, or those concerned with the real issues of the day, who are speaking up about them through social media.

We live in a nation whose governing party insists that we are free, but in actuality, Americans are only as free as the party they align with. Otherwise, expect to be censored. It’s wrong, unjust and destructive to the fabric of our society. But it is truth. We need a change for certain, and Dr. Phil and his new venture can undoubtedly help to bring about that change.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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