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Driver Blames Car Crash on Ghost of NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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There are plenty of ways in which one can find themselves in an automobile accident, and embarrassing situations happen far more than we’d like to admit.

Some are texting and driving when they roll into the vehicle in front of them.  Some just aren’t sure how to drive on slick roads.  Others have allowed their vehicles to fall into such disrepair that a mishap becomes unavoidable.

And then there are those who believe that the ghost of a legendary NASCAR driver are to blame for their car crashes.

A man facing a litany of charges for allegedly driving the wrong way on a Las Vegas freeway offered a truly bizarre explanation for the motor vehicle misadventure when he told a judge that the ghost of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. told him to do it. The troubling incident reportedly occurred on Friday afternoon when, police say, Daniel Asseff entered the southbound lane of highway I-215 and began heading in the opposite direction of traffic.

And it gets weirder:

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Appearing in court on Tuesday, the accused wrong-way driver stunned observers when he said that he had been instructed to make the perilous trip by the spirit of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and reverently referred to the late NASCAR legend by his nickname ‘The Intimidator.’ The ghost’s purported reason for the strange request, the motorist claimed, was to convince the mayor of Las Vegas to bring the popular motorsport back to the city.

Thankfully no one was seriously injured in the incident.

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