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Driver Breaks 'Tree on Top' Speed Record in 800hp Car

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Everyone handles the tradition of decorating their Christmas tree just a little bit differently than the next, with many relying on family customs handed down through the generations in order to honor those who’ve Christmas’d before them.

These sorts of nuances can come in any form, from the color and arrangement of the lights, to the timing of the tree’s arrival, and even whether or not the decoration will be real or artificial.

And on the point of timing, there is a wide range of opinions on what’s proper.  Does the tree go up in the aftermath of Thanksgiving, our bellies still full of turkey?  Or we wait until just a few days before Christmas comes, hoping to have the freshest fir available?

For those of you still waiting for the last minute, or who may be rushing to get a tree, may we suggest borrowing an Audi from Hennessey Motorsports?

Hennessey Performance has broken its record for fastest car with a tree strapped to the roof

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One of the Texas tuning company’s 1,000 hp Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk SUVs hit 181 mph in 2019, and it wanted to see if it could do better.

So owner John Hennessey “borrowed” his wife’s Audi RS6 Avant station wagon, which had been modified with 800 hp, and took it to a closed airport runway where he was conducting tests with the company’s upcoming 300+ mph Venom F5 supercar.

Test driver Spencer Geswein hit 205 mph without a tree on the roof, then went for it with one attached trunk-forward.

After reaching 181 mph the car took a good 10 seconds before it reached a maximum velocity of 183 mph to set a new record, which is unofficial, but also unchallenged.

The tree looked to be under a bit of stress, however….

Video of the stunt can be seen below:

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