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Drone Footage Shows Russian Crew Scrambling to Escape Tank as Ukrainians Destroy It

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Drone footage reveals a Russian tank being destroyed in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

The shocking footage posted on YouTube by The Sun shows at least one member of the vehicle’s crew evacuating the tank’s hatch, as the T-90 tank repeatedly takes blows from ATGW’s, or anti-tank ground weapons.

Footage of the exchange was published on a Telegram channel associated with a unit of Ukraine’s National Guard.

Seconds after the T90 tank — marked with a ‘Z’ Russian insignia — takes a right turn, it’s blasted by a round.

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The vehicle tries to take cover behind a roadside structure, but the direct rocket hits to continue.

After a failed attempt to retreat, the tank appears immobilized, with successive blasts landing in its vicinity.

A man manages to escape through the tank’s hatch, seemingly uninjured, even though he was forced to abandon his fighting vehicle.

The tank was left a smoking heap of scrap metal by the time the barrage of ATGW rounds was finished.

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The Russian military’s tactics involve the overwhelming use of armored vehicles such as tanks.

This strategy has presented difficulties in Putin’s attempt to conquer Ukraine, whose armed forces are equipped with western, hand-held anti-armor weapons as well as tanks and artillery of their own.

Earlier footage from Mariupol shows a Ukrainian tank crew destroying what appears to be an armored personnel carrier as Russian soldiers take cover behind their vehicle.

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One Ukrainian soldier posed in front of an earlier destroyed Russian tank with a Javelin missile launcher. Javelins are included as a vital piece of the weapons package provided to Ukraine by the United States.

An inability to safely use armored vehicles in cities such as Mariupol may suggest a willingness on the part of Russian military forces to blockade, rather than directly occupy cities.

Mariupol has witnessed intense fighting some have pointed to as the most vicious in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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