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In Echo of The Holocaust, Russian Troops Pilfer Gold Teeth from Living and Dead Ukrainians

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There have been an unnerving amount of similarities between Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the horrors of World War II, with a sobering reminder of The Holocaust arriving this week.

As Ukraine’s troops continue to liberate cities that briefly fell under Russian control, what they are discovering is simply disturbing.  Mass graves, torture chambers, and genocide, with little or no regard for human life to be found in any of this horrid evidence.

Now, in an astounding, profound echo to the past horrors of The Holocaust, Ukrainian soldiers have found hoarded caches of gold teeth, some removed from victims while they were still alive.

A stash of gold teeth have been discovered in a village known to Ukrainians as a ‘mini Auschwitz’. The teeth were ripped from prisoners at a Russian torture chamber in the recently liberated Pisky-Radkivski in the eastern Kharkiv region.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has dubbed it a mini-concentration camp as photo evidence indicated dozens of dentures seen in another big plastic box. The Ukrainian police footage says Russian soldiers drove local residents from their homes when they occupied the village and booby-trapped the doors to people’s homes when they left.

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Other claims were even more terrifying.

A man is then seen in footage saying he was kept in the Russian torture chamber. He shows his wrists and the scars he has to prove it. Other signs suggested Russians had buried their captives alive or abused them, reports The Mirror.

Russia is already under investigation for more than 15,000 war crimes, and the European Union has now begun calling for a tribunal to hold Kremlin decision-makers accountable.

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