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Editor At WaPo Crafts Response To Threat By Calling America 'Racist,' 'Patriarchal Society'

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The mainstream media is getting bolder and bolder in displaying their total disdain for America and everything it stands for, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise considering many of these news outlets sold out their journalistic integrity a long, long time ago and have become nothing more than propaganda machines for the Democratic Party.

A great example of this is Washington Post editor Karen Attiah’s response to threats she received, in which she called America “racist” and slammed the nation for being a “patriarchal nation.”

This threat Attiah received was after she tweeted out that “white women are lucky that we [black people] are just calling them Karen’s…and not calling for revenge.”

Seems like she made a threat of her own first, doesn’t it?

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

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“Be very careful with hate. It is a dangerous and thankless master,” the threat, apparently sent to Attiah via text message, read according to the screenshots she posted. “Calling for revenge only begets revenge. You don’t want to wake white men who will protect their women and come after you and yours.”

“America is a racist *and* patriarchal society,” Attiah responded in a separate tweet. “We cannot dismantle the full range of oppression in this society without addressing how toxic ideas of white masculinity interplay with the notion of ‘protecting’ their women from Black people.”

The WaPo editor deleted the tweet that started all of this, and of course, tries to spin the threats which came in response to it as proving her point. It seems that common sense is lost on this woman. If a person feels threatened, and her initial tweet definitely seemed threatened, it’s only natural some folks will respond. She never should’ve said what she did to begin with.

Attiah is doing what liberals do best. Pass the buck. She’s all too happy to point out someone else’s behavior, but still refuses to take responsibility for her own actions. Her comment was designed to be provocative and to stir up trouble. But that’s okay because she’s on the left.

However, no one should respond to her threats with one of their own. That’s unacceptable.

Look, the point here is that no one should be using rhetoric to stoke racial tensions. Pretty easy to just be a decent human being. Too bad the left doesn’t seem interested in such at the moment.

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