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'Christianity Today' Editor Thinks It's 'Strange' Evangelical Voters Don't Believe Trump Is 'Morally Unfit'

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The vast majority of Christian voters have not at all been shy about throwing their support behind President Trump, despite the fact that he’s very much an imperfect man who has made a lot of personal choices that many would find to go against biblical standards of morality.

However, there are still some believers out there who feel Trump is “morally unfit,” one of those individuals being Christianity Today Editor-In-Chief Mark Galli.

Galli stopped by “Face the Nation” on Sunday to defend a recent piece he published on the CT website, calling for the removal of President Donald Trump from office.

Here’s more from TheBlaze:

Galli told CBS host Margaret Brennan that he found it “strange” that fellow evangelicals do not share his view that the 45th president is unfit for office.

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“I’m not making a political judgment about him, because that’s not our expertise at Christianity Today. I am making a moral judgment that he is morally unfit, or even more precisely, it’s his public morality that makes him unfit,” Galli explained, according to the Washington Examiner.

“A president has certain responsibilities as a public figure to display a certain level of public character and public morality,” he added. “And the point of my argument is not to judge him as a person in the eyes of God…that’s not my job…but to judge his public moral character and to ask, has he gone so far that the evangelical constituency that we represent. Can we in good conscience do the trade-off anymore?”

Brennan took an opportunity to point out to Galli that recent poll numbers express that approval for the president is quite high among evangelicals.

This didn’t really seem to impact Galli’s thinking in the slightest.

“I have no animus against them, but it strikes me as strange for a people who take the teachings of Jesus Christ seriously, the teachings of the Ten Commandments seriously, that we can’t at least say, publicly and out loud in front of God and everybody, that this man’s character is deeply, deeply concerning to us.” Galli replied.

Galli went on to say, “In my judgment, [Trump] has crossed a line, and I no longer think he’s fit to lead the United States of America.”

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