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Elon Musk Capitulates on Crimea, Fearing Putin Nuclear Trigger

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To put it bluntly, Vladimir Putin continues to threaten the world with his nuclear arsenal because, well, it’s working.

For each setback he faces on the battlefield in Ukraine, his troops commit ever-worsening atrocities.  With these atrocities come further sanctions, and then come the nuke threats.

This vicious cycle has been churning out a crescendo of atomic angst, and now, as authorities reach out to the private sector for help in the war, the private sector is turning them down in order to avoid triggering a clearly desperate Putin.

ELON Musk reportedly rejected a request from Ukraine to switch on his satellite internet service over Russian-occupied Crimea.

The world’s richest man apparently fears that allowing Ukrainian forces Starlink coverage over the region could pave the way to nuclear war.

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Musk has already been somewhat involved in the war.

According to Business Insider, Musk, 51, is concerned it could be the disastrous outcome if Ukraine attempts to take back the peninsula from Vladimir Putin and his forces.

The billionaire has already provided the war torn country with thousands of satellite kits since Russia invaded.

And it hasn’t come cheap.

Responding to recent reports, Musk tweeted that the operation has cost his SpaceX company $80million since the war started.

Musk flirted with controversy just days ago after proposing a “peace plan” on Twitter that would have had Ukraine ceding land to the Kremlin – a tactic that would almost certainly embolden Putin.

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