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Emails From Google Reveal Shocking Employee Strategy to Hurt Trump's Agenda

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on Thursday night that he recently received some emails that show employees at Google actively schemed to “leverage” Google search feature in order to help promote groups and search terms that were opposed to President Trump and the agenda he has for America.

This is truly appalling for the state of free speech in our country. Perhaps these employees need to go back and take a refreshing course on the Constitution? Yes, they’re a private company, but they also have a responsibility to remain objective due to the fact that they control the vast majority of the dissemination of information in the world.

“We have internal documents that show that Google employees discussed corrupting the company’s search engine to push propaganda on hundreds of millions of unsuspecting users,” Carlson said.

“Shortly after taking office, President Trump issued his now famous ‘Travel Ban,'” Carlson continued. “Almost immediately after that Google employees began plotting ways to undermine the president’s executive order.”

“On January 29, a Google product marketing manager named Mackenzie Thomas sent an email to a group of fellow employees: ‘There is a large brainstorm going on throughout the marketing org,’ she wrote,” Carlson said. “Brainstorming about how to respond to Trump’s order.”

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Tucker said that among Thomas’ ideas was to “actively counter algorithmic biased results for search terms such as Islam, Iran, Mexico, Latino, and so forth.”

Carlson explained that the emails meant that Google employees wanted to “alter the search results to make them more positive in certain cases for political reasons.”

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