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Embarrassing Kremlin Leak Reveals Putin's First Ukraine Timeline

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Vladimir Putin has certainly lost a great deal of the clout that he once possessed on the world’s stage, due largely to his failing and flailing invasion of neighboring Ukraine.  Where once the world found fear in gazing upon the Russian military, they now find a pathetic display of mismanagement and spiraling morale.

Now, a leak from within the Kremlin appears to suggest that Putin was even more delusional about his abilities than he let on.

Russian president Vladimir Putin had planned for the invasion of Ukraine’s capital city to take just 13 hours, rather than the 10 months it has now waged on for.

Documents from the Russian despot’s inner circle revealed Putin was so confident in his military that he believed Kyiv would be taken in less than a day.

After 10 months of horrifying conflict in Ukraine, that is clearly not the case, but it appears the initial plans for the war monger showed no sign of “reinforcements” for those invading the capital city.

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Plans showed that troops would be on the edge of Kyiv at 2:55pm, after travelling 140 miles from their starting point of the Belarusian border.

And that’s not all:

Russia had been so confident of their half-day war that they allegedly sent national guard and ordinary police under the assumption they would need to control crowds after they took the capital.

One Ukrainian source said: “Our guys couldn’t believe it. They just picked them off as they were driving towards Kyiv. This is when we realised the Russians might not be so hard to beat after all.”

This newly revealed timeline is even more ambitious than the previously-reported 72 hour timeline, and suggests that Vladimir Putin may be far less savvy – or far more deranged – than we imagined.

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