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Entire NFL Stadium Joins NYPD Officer in Moving 9/11 Anthem Performance After Spontaneous 'USA' Chant

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Monday night’s NFL game between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills contained a few moving displays of patriotism — on the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

To begin, Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers entered the field at Metlife Stadium bearing an American flag.

Rodgers was one of many players and coaches wearing New York Police Department hats, commemorating the heroism of first responders on the day of the attacks.

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As the crowd waited for the pre-game anthem, they erupted into cheers of “USA! USA!”

Then, after a moment of silence, New York Police Department officer Brianna Fernandez sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” with the crowd joining in.

Uniformed New York Fire Department firefighters, New York police officers, and military service members also joined in on the performance of the national anthem.

Did you watch the Bills and Jets game?

The display of patriotism roused the sentiments of the fans present.

“USA! USA!” The stadium chanted again after the song’s conclusion.

ESPN’s television broadcast included shots of rays of light in the place of the former Twin Towers — the buildings destroyed in the 2001 Islamist terrorist attacks that shocked the nation and changed American history.

Entire NFL Stadium Joins NYPD Officer in Moving 9/11 Anthem Performance After Spontaneous 'USA' Chant

After the inspiring moment, the game spelled a disaster for Rodgers and the Jets.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback tore his Achilles tendon on his fourth play as a Jet — ending his season just as it began, according to Yahoo.

Third-year quarterback Zach Wilson entered the game in Rodgers’ stead.

In spite of the massive setback, the Jets went on to win the game in overtime 22-16.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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