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Epstein Accomplice to Serve Out Sentence in Cushy Florida Prison

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For many Americans, the current version of our penal system is far too lenient on those who would sexually exploit children, and the latest twist to the tale of Ghislaine Maxwell is likely to drive that point home once again.

Maxwell was an accomplice of the infamous Jeffrey Epstein – a child sex trafficker whose close acquaintances included high level politicians, billionaires, and the Hollywood elite.  Maxwell is believed to have been Epstein’s right hand woman, doing the dastardly deed of recruiting these underage sexual slaves.

Now, after being sentenced to 20 years in prison, Maxwell is headed to a fairly cushy prison in Florida.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been transferred to a cushy low-security federal prison in north Florida to serve out her 20-year sex trafficking sentence for procuring teen girls to be abused by her and late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The British socialite, 60, is now residing at the Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution, which houses about 755 female inmates, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons database.

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Other notable prisoners who’ve called the sprawling brick complex home include Russian spy Maria Butina, terrorist Colleen LaRose a.k.a. “Jihad Jane” and nursing home serial killer Catherine May Wood.

The place sounds downright cozy:

Maxwell, who must wear a uniform of khaki pants and a shirt, can pass the time practicing yoga and Pilates or playing flag football, according to the facility’s website.

Popular indoor recreation opportunities include an artwork and hobby craft program and talent shows.

Maxwell will be able to spend up to $360 a month at the commissary, which offers toiletries like a collagen elastin facial for $6.22 and snacks, including smoked gouda spread for $1.80 and Nutella for $4.90.

And, where normal prisons are a dangerous place for pedophiles, those in the know believe that Maxwell will be largely left alone, even in the yard.


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