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ESPN Host Goes Scorched Earth About Impending Red Wave: 'Too Many Lines Have Been Crossed'

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Where did it all go wrong for Democrats?

Flashback to Jan. 20, 2021, and everything just seemed peachy for the Dems. Joe Biden had just been sworn in as president and the Democrats effectively had a majority in both chambers of Congress due to Vice President Kamala Harris being the tie-breaking vote in the Senate. (Democrats took an outright majority in the House.)

But here in 2022? That inauguration may as well have happened in 1921. But what exactly happened?

Yes, it’s easy to blame horrific crime and inflation on the Biden administration’s asinine and backward policies. Those follies certainly contributed to the Democrats’ pending doom come the 2022 midterms. But it’s so much simpler than all of that: Democrats angered parents.

It’s so glaringly obvious that even sports figures are catching on.

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Here is Fox Sports 1 radio host Colin Cowherd with a veritably viral tweet:

“Red wave is coming Tuesday,” Cowherd said in a Thursday tweet that has garnered over 80,000 likes already. “Don’t mess [with] people’s kids. It lands differently — and they will hold a grudge. Can’t blame em. That’s my Ted Talk.”

Do you think a red wave is coming next week?

While Cowherd’s biting analysis has gone viral, it was a response to his tweet that really brought home just how correct he is.

Enter: ESPN SportsCenter host Sage Steele.

“I take pride in not holding grudges,” Steele said in reference to Cowherd’s comment about parents holding grudges.

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“But you’re damn right it hits different when it comes to my kids. Being a mom is the only thing that truly matters to me & I am DONE. Have been for 2 years. Too many lines have been crossed & not enough [people] have stood up for our kids. Enough.”

Read that sentiment again. It’s a powerful glimpse into the raw fury that parents, but mothers especially, have had to suppress over the last two years.

Parents have had to sit back and watch Democratic policies actively harm their children, from drag shows to questionable vaccinations to the celebration of early-onset gender dysphoria.

Well, parents no longer have to just sit back and take it. The 2022 midterms provide a very real outlet for their frustrations.

And that should terrify every Democrat to their core.

Speaking from experience, hell hath no fury like a mother scorned. Democrats are about to find that out in the most painful and public of manners.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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