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European Leaders Demand 'Serious' Negotiations from Russia

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The big picture version of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a wild and wacky one, with the Kremlin consistently offering nonsensical explanations and justifications for an unjust and awful military action.

The impetus of the invasion was at first claimed to be a “de-nazification” of the sovereign nation, which just happens to be helmed by a President who is a Jewish descendent of Holocaust victims.  Now, Russia is simply telling the world that they’ll be nuked for interfering, offering no real explanation whatsoever.

In Europe, where the several nations are lining up to join NATO on account of Russia’s belligerence, there are pleas for Russia to get serious about the invasion and what it will take to end it.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Saturday urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to have “serious direct negotiations” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in order to reach “a diplomatic solution” to the war.

The request came during a phone call among the three leaders, Scholz’s office said.

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According to Moscow, Putin told Macron and Scholz that increasing military supplies to Ukraine risks “further destabilizing” the conflict.

Macron and Scholz “insisted on an immediate ceasefire and a withdrawal of Russian troops”, the chancellor’s office said.

The two sides weren’t exactly seeing eye to eye on the issue.

Putin said Moscow was open to resuming negotiations with Kyiv, according to the Kremlin, which did not state whether the Russian leader would engage in direct talks with Zelenskyy.

The Ukrainian president previously said he was not “eager” for dialogue with Russia, but noted that such conversations would likely have to happen for the war to end.

Russia has originally suggested that the invasion may be over in a matter of hours, but have now found themselves entering month three of the conflict.

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