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EUROWAR BEGINS: Putin Sends Forces into Ukraine

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The conflict that will likely lead to World War III has begun.

Sure, the mainstream media may hold their tongue for a night or two, as the infotainment networks try to out-play one another on the timing of using “the W word”, but make no mistake about it:  War is here.  It has begun.

And not some “hybrid” war, either.  Not some “first cyber-incursions” sort of thing.  Real, troops-on-the-ground war.  In Ukraine.  With Russian forces.

This is a declaration of war.  Literally.  The mainstream media is far too quiet at the moment, and they’re far too cautious.  This is literally Russian troops on Ukrainian soil.

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This is precisely the sort of conflict that the world has been warned about, ad nauseam, for weeks on end.  And still we couldn’t stop it.

The strength of the United States will be tested this week, and we can only hope and pray that President Joe Biden is up to the task.


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