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Even the most liberal of political pundits is having a hard time seeing the "blue wave" of 2018 [Video]

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There has been a whole lot of talk about a “blue wave” coming to Washington D.C. during these 2018 midterm elections, but the evidence of such a political pole shift seems to be fading…fast.

This is not only because the entire nation is in the midst of a serious conservative awakening, either.  (Although that seems to be very true as well).  No, the reason that the democrats can’t seem to get the ball rolling in the right direction is all the damage done by the party in shooting themselves in the feet over and over again.

Their great hope for 2016 was Hillary Clinton; an establishment demagogue whose closets are filled to the brim with skeletons.  There was likely no more flawed candidate, yet the left allowed Clinton to literally rig the primaries in her favor, sending a great many democrats off the deep end with rage.

Now, even the most liberal of political pundits is having a hard time seeing how the “blue wave” of 2018 still makes it ashore.

Straight from Bill Maher’s mouth:

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“So, the election is in 90 days or something like that. How do you think the Democrats are going to blow it? I mean, they’re so good at it, and there’s this blue wave predicted, and you know, I think you and I are very close on policy. We’re not always close on predictions. What do you think’s going to happen? I think that we will — the Democrats will do well.”

That certainly doesn’t sound like a vote of confidence for the democrats come November.

And if you can’t get Bill Maher to shill for the left, who on earth is going to do it for you?

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