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Ex-Prosecutor Host of 'The View' Forced to Read Legal Note After Her Claim of Biden 'Impropriety'

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It’s another day. So let’s see what’s on ABC-TV.

“Our former, twice-impeached, disgraced former president …” is what we find coming from disdain-expressing lips of Sunny Hostin.

Oh, we must have tuned in to “The View.”

That’s the program where the sun shines liberal and all that’s bad and nasty is wrapped up in the words “Donald Trump,” and “Republicans.”

But today there is a new wrinkle.

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Hostin, a former prosecutor, goes against the tide of regular Bidenistas and says things about Joe Biden that might be considered — well, um, critical.

That’s strange. No leftist is critical of Joe Biden (note Biden’s world of a wonderful economy, a lack of inflation, a brave new world of clean energy and the birds singing everywhere).

But Hostin tells fellow Viewsters there has been “impropriety” with the Bidens, Joe and Hunter.

Of course, to say such things, she must ensure absolution by later reading a legal disclaimer during the segment.

Should Joe Biden be impeached?

“People are going to be shocked — I completely agree with that,” Hostin began.

“I think that there has been some impropriety,” Hostin said. “I think there are instances where Hunter Biden, in an attempt to show access to the vice presidency — the vice president’s office —  made phone calls to Daddy.

“Those have been taped,” she continued. “I think we have the situation with his work in Ukraine. We have the situation with his work in China.

“There’s no way that political influence wasn’t a part of that,” according to Hostin. “I don’t like nepotism, across the board. I mean what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

“And so I understand that there’s some real concern there,” she concluded.

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A raising of real concern about influence peddling on the part of Joe Biden and his son.

But, true to her liberal bona fides, Hostin couldn’t stop there, proceeding to accuse Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and “right-wing” Republicans of “trivializing” the concept of impeachment, noting that such a process is limited to “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

As though the vice-president-turned-president of the United States being involved in what Hostin admitted was “political influence” should not be investigated for possible high crimes and misdemeanors?

Sounds like concern about the Bidens has more traction than anything that’s been thrown at Trump.

But before we conclude that The View may be a bit disloyal to the Biden regime, co-host Whoopi Goldberg prodded Hostin: “But you have a legal note.”

“Oh, thank you,” responded Hostin, then facing the camera with the deadpan look of a pharmacy company executive apologizing for a failed vaccine or a suspicious politician confessing that “mistakes were made.”

“The White House has called the inquiry — quote — ‘extreme politics at its worst,’” Hostin intoned. “And said, despite months of investigating, Republicans have found — quote — ‘no evidence of wrongdoing.’

“Hunter Biden has denied he did anything wrong by engaging in foreign work in Ukraine and China,” Hostin concluded.

Whew. Good thing she read that legalese to cleanse herself for previously describing impropriety among the Bidens.

One can never be too careful these days.

Listening to an expressionless Hostin acting as a sock puppet for the Biden regime caused me to literally laugh out loud.

But there’s nothing funny about “The View” and its influence, and what goes out as — forgive the oft-used word — misinformation.

For instance, Goldberg indicated the process involved taking the issue of improprieties among the Bidens to court. That would be correct if it only involved Hunter Biden.

If it involves the president, the correct legal process is through impeachment, where the only connection with the judiciary would be the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court presiding over a Senate trial.

If Goldberg spoke with ignorance, Joy Behar spoke with venom, accusing Republicans of the time-honored Democrat practice of manufacturing accusations.

“Just throw it out there to confuse everybody” Behar declared. 

And she got worse. “The people of this country need to know that the Republicans are on the same page as Vladimir Putin, who said: ‘Everything that is happening with Trump is a persecution of a political rival for political reasons,’” she proclaimed.

“That is exactly what the Repubicans — the MAGA wing, of course — of the Republican Party is saying. They are in sync with Vladami Putin, who is the most evil person in the world right now,” Behar said.

Of course. Putin was an official of the Soviet KGB. Don’t you think he can recognize Communist practices? Especially when they’ve been exported to U.S. Democrats?

That’s enough viewing of “The View” for today.

I know. That was tough to watch. Can we change the channel?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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