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Ex-WH Adviser on Kamala: 'Can't Imagine Anything More Embarrassing' Than Disastrous US Border

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First came Vice President Kamala Harris telling Central American migrants not to even try to enter the United States, sparking a flurry of attacks from the left.

Trying to extricate the VP’s Chuck Taylors from her mouth, Harris spokeswoman Symone Sanders boasted that “The President and Vice President have been clear in dissuading people from making the dangerous and treacherous journey to the U.S./Mexico border,” according to Fox News.

Then came the realization of how much any of that so-called dissuading means as U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced that border agents encountered 180,034 illegal immigrants at the border in May, an increase from April.

May’s numbers represented the highest in 20 years, and the highest to date for the administration of President Joe Biden.

“You can’t imagine anything more embarrassing for the vice president than to conclude what is a uniquely disastrous Latin American tour that’s been widely mocked by the left and the right than to come home and immediately have the Department of Homeland Security announced that it is the worst border month since Biden took office,” former White House aide Stephen Miller told the Washington Examiner.

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“Can you imagine anything more embarrassing than to go into Guatemala and say, ‘Do not come,’ which everybody knows they don’t mean, like the world’s biggest wink behind ‘do not come,’ and then 180,000 people say, ‘Oh no, we’re coming,’” the Trump White House director of speechwriting said.

Miller said the confluence of meaningless words and rising numbers of illegal immigrants “shows that we have a failed presidency.”

“That is the bottom line,” he said.

“If you are the president of a country and you cannot afford basic safety and security to your people, then you are already a failed president,” he said.

Miller noted that in the first months of a presidency, “You are at the apex of your influence and authority.”

But when it comes to the border crisis, “you have a situation where literally every single month, as you are claiming to be trying [to close the border], this situation is destabilizing more and more and more,” he said.

He also said the vice president’s debut abroad, where she laughed off tough questions, did little to gain the administration any respect.

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“That laugh will be heard around the world,” Miller said.

“People seeing this get the message of, ‘A-ha! That little line about do not come, that was a joke. The border’s open folks, come on in,’” he added

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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