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Expert Suggests 'Sabotage' Prevented Two Russian Nuke Detonations

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With the Ukrainian invasion continuing to fail miserably, Russia’s leadership has fallen on desperate times.

Vladimir Putin, who may very well be slowly dying of terminal bowel cancer, has turned fatalist.  He’s barely even pretending that he plans on surviving whatever this conflict becomes, and his constant nuclear saber rattling is dangerously desensitizing, and likely on purpose.

But now, after two attempted nuclear detonations have been mysteriously derailed, one expert believes that the requisite pre-strike tests were potentially sabotaged.

In recent days, there have been a series of NOTAM messages (Notice to air missions) and linked Russian navigation warnings indicating tests or live firing drills.

So far, there has been few indications of any major testing, although the final date for such disruption in the Barents Sea is October 22.

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At the same time there are claims that earlier this month Putin ordered two nuclear missile tests which did not in fact take place.

Here is where it gets strange…

Valery Solovey, an expert on the president and former professor at Moscow’s prestigious Institute of International Relations [MGIMO], a training school for spies and diplomats said: “[Putin’s] decision on the use of tactical nuclear weapons [in the Ukraine conflict] would no doubt face resistance.

“I don’t know how effective the resistance will be but I will indicate [that] nuclear tests were supposed to be held over the past two weeks, one in the Barents sea, underwater, and the second underground, in Arkhangelsk region.

“Both times the tests were not held.”

He alleged: “The reason is that before the launch, or more accurately, before the use of tactical nuclear weapons, it is necessary to make sure these weapons are fully operable…

“They had to be tested.”

And also:

He added: “But the thing is, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence.

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“But…if the third time tests end the same way, with nothing, [it will look like] sabotage…not fulfilling….the orders of the chief commander….”

This would show the “dissolution of [Putin’s] authority, of Russia’s executive power”.

But good actors in Russia will only be able to keep us safe for so long, and history has taught us that autocracy is an invasive weed for which the loss of its flower does not always mean death.

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