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Expert Suggests US Would Wipe Out Russian Troops if Kremlin Drops Nuke

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Things in Ukraine are going from bad to worse for Vlad Putin and his army, as his unprepared and untrained new conscripts continue to drop their rifles and run from the front lines.

This has been true for weeks now, and the retreats have begun to occur in regions recently “annexed” by Russia as well – leading many to wonder just how Putin thinks he’s going to maintain control of this stolen land.

Some have suggested that the Kremlin is getting ready to use a nuclear weapon in a desperate attempts at remaining somewhat relevant in the conflict, but that move would likely bring a great deal of trouble to the Russian President’s doorstep.

If Russian President Vladimir Putin makes good on his threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the United States would likely respond with a sweeping economic embargo combined with a massive conventional attack on Russian military positions that could quickly wipe out the Russian president’s invading military forces, said Joseph Cirincione, a national security analyst and leading expert on nuclear warfare.

The U.S. and NATO “could destroy the Russian forces in Ukraine in a matter of days,” said Cirincione, author of the book “Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late,” in an interview on the Yahoo News “Skullduggery” podcast. “That would be the end of the Russian army in this.”

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And that’s not all:

Cirincione said that if Putin were to actually make good on his threat to go nuclear, it would not be a large-scale thermonuclear bomb attack, but a more limited deployment of tactical weapons — far more limited in scope but still a major and unprecedented escalation. And Cirincione said that the U.S. military response would not be limited to the battlefield. There would also likely be a sharp escalation in psychological warfare such as was used to unnerve Iraqi generals on the eve of the U.S. invasion of that country. “The U.S. was calling Iraqi generals in their home and telling them to stand down. And they did that for two reasons. One, to let them know we know where you live, right? Two, we can reach out and touch you,” said Cirincione, predicting that the U.S. might well adopt such a tactic in the Ukraine crisis.

Satellite images have revealed that Russia is maneuvering at least some of its nuclear assets toward the front lines of the illegal invasion, but it doesn’t take a master tactician to realize that Putin has only this nuclear threat left.  Should he turn the war atomic, it’ll be the end of the line for him…one way or another.

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