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Experts Concerned Over Joe Biden's Risk-Averse Approach to Ukraine Invasion

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The people of the world have been loud and clear in their disdain for the actions of the Kremlin in Ukraine.  They find Putin’s invasion and the subsequent war crimes committed to be abhorrent, and worthy of direct action from the west and NATO.

The only problem here is that the Moscow Madman has been dangling a nuclear threat over the globe, with his cronies consistently suggesting that any intervention from alleged “interlopers” would be dealt with…perhaps through the use of nuclear weapons.

So it’s been sanctions, sanctions, sanctions.  This has some experts concerned.

Despite calls from Ukraine to do more to help stave off Russia’s ruthless invasion, Biden has taken a cautious approach — wary of escalating the conflict by drawing in U.S. forces as part of a more direct NATO response. But after nearly a month of fighting, some foreign policy and national security experts ABC News spoke to say it may be time for the alliance to take on a more direct role.

Since before the fighting broke out, Biden has insisted that American troops would not fight Russian forces inside Ukraine, warning that going head-to-head would lead to “a third world war.”

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But Barry Pavel, a former National Security Council senior official during the Bush and Obama administration and the senior vice president and director of the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council, says that’s far from inevitable.

“There have been other cases where U.S. and Russian forces have unfortunately come into friction and World War III didn’t start,” Pavel said, characterizing the strategy as simplistic. “There are hundreds of options that could be done between what NATO is doing now and risking World War III.”

And that’s not all…

“If he is emboldened by success in Ukraine, then he will be more aggressive in his efforts to nibble and to move into areas of perceived weakness in NATO members,” he said. “If he achieves his goal, you’ll have Russian forces on the borders of seven NATO members, including nuclear forces in Belarus, and so he’ll use that new posture to really heighten European insecurity to a great degree.”

There’s no telling if this latest criticism will rouse Sleepy Joe to action, however.

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