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Experts Predict Putin to be Killed by Own Generals If He...

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Vladimir Putin’s reign may soon be over, and he’ll have no one to blame but himself when it ends.

The Russian tyrant has long ruled with an iron fist, quashing any sort of dissent that comes his way and strong-arming his own people on a regular basis.

But with his failed Ukraine invasion weighing heavy on his political career, there are fears that he could resort to using nuclear weapons to keep from losing the war.  This could trigger a violent end for the former KGB agent.

As tension in Moscow heightens with Russian civilians taking to extreme measures to avoid being called to fight in the war, potential backlash towards the Russian president by his own allies grows more likely, according to an expert.

According to Professor Duncan of UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), Putin has been ‘isolated from reality’ and would likely be killed by his own allies, including generals, before he deployed nuclear weapons.

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“He just doesn’t understand either about Russia, what people think in Russia, or about what people think abroad, which is, in other words, everywhere. And that’s why he makes mistake after mistake,” said Duncan.

The SSEES lecturer added that a history of fear within the Russian government has impacted Putin’s ability to see the bigger picture and act accordingly, “it’s still this old problem that people are afraid to tell him the truth. Particularly, the FSB is afraid to tell him truth so he just doesn’t know what’s going on.”

Putin’s latest threat of nuclear retaliation came with the addendum that it was “not a bluff” – a statement that has divided Kremlin-watchers, with many proclaiming that the extraordinary language is proof that the longtime Russian dictator is growing less stable by the day.

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