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Family of Parkland Shooting Victim Just Filed a Lawsuit Against the Federal Government. Here’s Why.




The father of a 14-year-old murdered during the Parkland school shooting says that the federal government could have prevented the incident from ever occurring, and as a result of their failure to do so, has filed a lawsuit against them.

Fred Guttenberg came to this conclusion after he received a phone call from an FBI agent who told him that the government could have prevented the shooting, but didn’t.

His daughter, Jaime, was one of the 17 people who died during the massacre.

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“Are you telling me that if the FBI did not make a mistake and did their job a month sooner, my daughter would still be alive today?” Guttenberg asked the unnamed agent.

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“I’m afraid so, sir,” the agent reportedly responded.

The lawsuit cites several incidents where law enforcement failed to follow up on tips that evidenced a growing malice and tendency towards violence from the attacker.

In one incident, a woman who knows the attacker called an FBI tip line and told them, “I know he’s going to explode.” She even warned that he might commit a gun attack at his school, but no one followed up on the tip.

“Everybody failed, and this is going to be the shooting where we hold people accountable,” said Guttenberg at a meeting of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission.

The family is seeking damages but does not state an amount they are seeking.

There’s little doubt the federal government is, at least to some degree, culpable for the tragic shooting that unfolded that day, which truly put the ineptness of big government bureaucracy on full display.

With the feds dropping the ball so egregiously in this incident and many others, why in the world would you want these same individuals in charge of your healthcare? Anything and everything the government touches it destroys.

This is one of many reasons why conservatives favor a small government. These matters left in the hands of private citizens, including security and safety in schools, is the only way to go.

Source: TheBlaze

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President Trump Speaks About His Future Plans During Lunch At One of His Golf Clubs

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