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Fan Video Catches Physical Confrontation Between Bubba Wallace and Aric Almirola After On-Track Incident

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The rain that soaked Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Coca-Cola 600 was not enough to dampen tempers during one of the race’s delays on Monday.

During one delay, driver Aric Almirola confronted and then shoved Bubba Wallace until the two were separated by a race official.

In a Fox News clip on Twitter, Wallace used the word “frustration” to describe the incident.

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Almirola said the roots of the confrontation came when Wallace passed him and “shot me the bird.”

“I just went to go ask him why you shot me the bird,” said Almirola, who finished 25th.

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“He started mouthing off and cussing at me and I told him I wasn’t going to have that. Disappointing but that’s him. I know that,” he said.

Almirola said the incident is closed because he “got his point across” to Wallace, according to Autoweek.

“I let him know that it’s not acceptable. He’s not gonna cuss at me and shoot me the bird,” he said, according to Fox News.

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In a post-race video posted to Twitter, Wallace preferred to focus on his fourth-place finish.

“When you walk around with two faces, that’s what you get,” Wallace said when asked about Almirola.

Wallace now has four top-five finishes this season, Autoweek reported.

“We’re hitting our stride. You can’t get complacent. The thing I love about racing is you get to show up and it’s a new opportunity, a fresh set of downs and you go out and compete,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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