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Fascist Anti-NRA Group Posts Video Suggesting Soviet-Style Farm Labor Camps For Gun Owners

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On Wednesday, the fascist anti-NRA Facebook page “Hunters Against NRA” posted a video in which it suggested Soviet-style farm labor camps for gun owners.

These camps, according to “Skylar B.,” are for gun owners who either can’t or refuse to pay his gun property tax.

“This is not forced labor,” the group claims.  “If we made this a law, you wouldn’t have to pay a gun property tax if you didn’t own a gun. Otherwise, you can work off the property tax at 90 cents an hour at a government-owned or non-gun owner’s farm. The options are: owning a gun and paying the tax, owning a gun and working off the tax or not owning and not having to deal with the tax. Not paying the tax in any way if you were required to would be the an issue for the IRS, of course.”

This is just the latest harebrained idea Skylar B. has put forward.

He started with a nationwide gun census and moved on to a wage garnishment programin which gun owners would have their wages taken whenever a mass shooting takes place.  From there, he proposed a gun property tax program and then suggested a Nazi-like ID badge for gun owners.

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As with all of his other videos, Skylar issued this warning: “As per our lawyer Andy…You are NOT ALLOWED TO SHARE THIS IF YOU ARE PRO NRA OR PRO GUN. This goes for sharing to groups, pages or your personal profile. Please keep the comments positive and constructive and do not comment more than 2 or 3 times a person. Also stop following the page if you are troll. This is the same as cyber-stalking.”

Here’s the video:

Reaction was pretty much what one might expect.

In addition to violating the first, second, eighth and fourteenth amendments, this group now proposes to add violating the thirteenth amendment,” one person said.  “How many more constitutional violations do you propose with your agenda?

Apparently, as many as it takes to get the Second Amendment stripped from the Constitution…

So a $400 shotgun gets a $200 tax, according to a previous video. So to pay off that $200 at 90¢ you would have to work 223 hours in one year, sounds like forced labor (slavery) which is illegal unless used as a punishment for a crime and convicted in court,” another person said.

Making matters worse, the page actually claims to be conservative and pro-Trump.


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