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Father Details His Eye-Opening Experience With Crazed Gunman at Daughter’s Soccer Game

Can’t even imagine…

John Salvatore



Could you imagine finding yourself at a mall or concert or school or daughter’s soccer practice when a deranged maniac begins opening fire? Could there be anything more terrifying than not knowing exactly what is going on, or the exact whereabouts of the shooter?

Talk about a horror story. That’s what happened to a California father. He lived to see another day, but you’d have to think it left him pretty shaken – and rightfully so. Sounds freaky just picturing it.

Here’s Craig Cecilio‘s story…

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They finally started handing out awards and my daughter is second to last in line. One more player to go and I am out of here. Then it happened. All of a sudden everyone starts running. Its a stampede! What is going on? I try talking to a parent and her words come out jumbled. She is frantic and screaming. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. Then I hear the word…. SHOOTER!!! I slowly start surveying the large soccer fields but don’t see or hear anything. It feels like time is standing still for me. I stay calm as I survey the landscape.

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Then I hear a voice—as if I have Kal-El (Superman) hearing. It’s my daughter’s voice crying out of the crowd! I shout out to tell her that I am here and to start moving towards the car. I am still surveying the landscape and don’t see anyone or hear anything. I start heading to find my daughter. My gut tells me it is not an automatic rifle. I don’t know why but that is what I am thinking.


My daughter is freaking out as we jog to the car. I notice she is running really fast. She is definitely worried. We get to the car, get in, and she immediately ducks. I said, “don’t worry, Dad is here to protect you and we have a good car to get out of here.” It is 4-wheel drive and we are on a dirt track. Naturally, I punch it and we bolted out of there!

Five minutes after we left the area, my daughter receives a text from one of her teammates. As it turns out, two parents got into an argument and one pulled a gun on the other. Damn. C’mon, soccer Dads! They take this way too seriously. Thank God no one was harmed.

Read the entire post at this link.

Also, if you have been through a similar situation, let us know about in the comment section…

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Pete Buttigieg Believes In Less Government But Only About One Issue [Opinion]

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The View‘s Meghan McCain recently sought a clearer answer from Mayor Pete Buttigieg about his position on late-term abortion. She asked him where he drew the line and whether his position included a baby actually being born: Buttigieg: “We live in a country where it is extremely important that no one person should have to be subject to some other person’s interpretation of their own religion.” I wondered whether Mayor Pete thought religious freedom equally applied to say, Jack Phillips’ right not to be forced to create a custom cake for a gay wedding. Sure enough I found a piece in the Washington Free Beacon, entitled, “Mayor Pete Will Make you Bake the Cake.” McCain pressed again, and the Mayor of South Bend answered with rhetoric that sounded like a limited government conservative: Buttigieg: “My point is that it shouldn’t be up to the government official to draw the line. It should be up the woman who is confronted with that choice.” McCain: “So if a woman wanted to invoke infanticide after a baby is born, you’d be comfortable with that?” Buttigieg: “… I don’t know what to tell them morally about what they should do. I just know that I trust that her decision isn’t going to be any better, medically or morally . . . because the government is telling her to do it a certain way.” He gave an almost identical answer in a televised Town Hall with Chris Wallace. Candidate Buttigieg who is ordinarily so comfortable sermonizing to his Leftist flock couldn’t bring himself to say that it is immoral to kill a baby after it’s born. I’ve always found it perplexing that the Left’s strong support for Obamacare never included any of this faux passion for freedom and restraint of government when it comes to…

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John Salvatore



If Michael Bloomberg was running for president as a Republican, the mainstream media would literally force him to drop from the race after several cringeworthy videos resurfaced. For instance, just the other day the former mayor of New York City said elderly patients should be denied care past a certain age. He was then busted for completely mocking farmers, basically calling them rubes by saying he could personally “teach anyone” how to farm. He also allegedly told an employee to “kill” her baby. But this 2011 clip below may just be the one that ends “Mini Mike’s” 2020 hopes. From Fox News: While promoting a $127 million, three-year initiative to help minorities in the workplace in 2011, then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared that there’s “this enormous cohort of black and Latino males” who “don’t know how to behave in the workplace” and “don’t have any prospects.” […] Speaking to PBS in the 2011 interview, Bloomberg noted that he had donated $30 million from his foundation to Open Society Foundations, the network established by liberal billionaire financier Goerge Soros, toward the new plan to enhance employment among minorities. WATCH: Here’s the longer version: Mike on the elderly: WATCH:

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