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FBI and DOJ Will Be Investigated by Republican Congress

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As the newly-minted Congress begins to settle into their roles inside the Capitol, the Republican House majority is already preparing to get down to the nitty-gritty of it all.

You see, for years now the GOP has complained about the FBI and the Department of Justice’s seemingly arbitrary investigations into a number of conservative entities.  The right side of the aisle sees this as an attempt to discourage and dismantle the Republican Party’s viability in national politics.

But now, with the GOP coming into power once again, it appears as though we’ll be getting to the bottom of the mess…and soon.

House Republicans are gearing up to investigate the Department of Justice and the FBI, including their “ongoing criminal investigations,” setting up a showdown with the Biden administration and law enforcement agencies over their criminal probes, particularly those into former President Donald Trump.

The new House GOP majority has proposed that a new select subcommittee be formed – a result of one of the key concessions House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made to his opposition to secure the gavel.

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And also:

In addition to having the power to investigate all ongoing criminal probes of the executive branch, the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government would also “be authorized to receive information available to the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,” giving it access to the most highly classified information in Congress, according to the proposal.

The news will be welcome among many Republican voters, who’ve long believed that these organizations have been politically weaponized by the Biden administration.

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