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FBI Gets Involved After Boston Police Uniforms Are Stolen Shortly Before Boston Marathon

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Nine years after Boston was scarred by a terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon, authorities are voicing concerns about stolen police uniforms ahead of this year’s marathon.

The uniforms were stolen in late March from a store in Weymouth, a Boson suburb, according to Fox News.

Now, the FBI is involved as well as Weymouth police, and a reward of $5,000 has been offered for information that helps police catch the thieves.

Tom Nolan, a former Boston police lieutenant, said that while it would be difficult to impersonate an officer at the marathon, it could be done, according to WBZ-TV.

Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Greg Long said that when the marathon is held on Monday, runners and spectators should not hesitate to report any suspicious behavior, even if the person is wearing a uniform.

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“I think people have a keen understanding of what kind of behavior is normal, what’s not,” Long said.

“If you see someone, whether it’s dressed in a uniform, has a vest on, that you think might be a worker, but they’re acting a little bit odd, a little bit suspicious, a little bit out of the norm for what you’d expect someone to be doing, I’d urge anybody not to be afraid to call 911.”

“I’d rather err on the side of caution than not,” he added.

Long noted that security for the race already includes bag checks, camera surveillance and an extensive police presence.

Former Massachusetts State Police Lt. Mike Harvey said the timing of the theft “could be coincidental but it is certainly quite concerning,” according to WHDH-TV.

“If somebody is doing something nefarious and impersonating police officers it’s a huge concern,” he said.

Long said that although there are no known threats to Monday’s marathon, those at the race should speak up “if you see something, no matter how small, something that seems not right or something out of the ordinary.”

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The Boston Marathon was canceled in 2020 and shifted to October last year, but is back on its traditional Patriots Day date this year.

Among the tens of thousands of runners competing will be Adrianne Hasle, who lost a leg in the 2013 bombing, the Boston Globe reported.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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