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FDA, WHO Experts Put the Kibosh on COVID Booster Shots

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As we continue to drill down into the root causes of vaccine hesitancy, we have repeatedly come across a sentiment about the finality of the situation at hand, and whether or not COVID will ever be truly eradicated.

There are fears among many that COVID could be the next flu, constantly mutating and spreading, year after year, and requiring booster shot after booster shot to remain tamped down enough for mass gatherings.  For those who are already hesitant about receiving such a quickly-produced and approved vaccine as those developed for COVID, the idea of receiving multiple boosters is a deal-breaker.

This week, however, that possibility appears to have been put on the back burner by a number of notable experts.

An expert review of scientific evidence to date has concluded that Covid-19 vaccine booster shots are not needed at this time for the general public, a group of leading U.S. and international scientists said Monday in the peer-reviewed journal The Lancet.

The conclusion by scientists, including two senior Food and Drug Administration officials and the World Health Organization, came as studies continue to show the authorized Covid vaccines in the U.S. remain highly effective against severe disease and hospitalization caused by the fast-spreading delta variant.

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There was no mistaking the message.

“Current evidence does not, therefore, appear to show a need for boosting in the general population, in which efficacy against severe disease remains high,” the scientists wrote, adding the wide distribution of boosters is “not appropriate at this stage in the pandemic.”

The experts admitted that one of their principal concerns was public perception, and how requiring a series of boosters could keep many away from receiving any inoculation at all against COVID-19.

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