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Federal Agency Asks Google and Apple to Ban TikTok

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Despite being one of the most popular applications in the entire world, at least one federal agency is now suggesting that TikTok should be banned by phone application vendors.

The app, which allows users to share and create short videos complete with music and special effects, has been incredibly popular among teens and twenty-somethings, with a vast number of the videos also being crossposted to Facebook and Instagram.

But with privacy concerns growing, TikTok is again under the federal spotlight.

Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has called on Apple and Google to ban the popular Chinese-owned video sharing app TikTok from their app marketplaces, arguing that it is sending sensitive user data on American citizens to Beijing.

Carr, who is one of the most vocal opponents of Big Tech censorship on the FCC, nonetheless thinks that the threat of TikTok is great enough to warrant an app store level block.

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Carr’s statement was unmistakable in its message:


President Donald Trump had previously attempted to ban TikTok during his first term, but was unable to do so.

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