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Federal Agents Raid Home of Trump DOJ Official 

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As the January 6th select committee continues their mini-series of campaign commercials – er, I mean they’re “public hearings” – there are fears that the group is simply using their legislate and investigative power to rain controversy down upon the right side of the aisle.  And, in particular, anyone they can find who was close enough to Donald Trump to be considered collateral damage.

It’s a dirty trick, but that’s nothing new from the Democrats. What does feel a bit iffy, even for the them, is the idea of sending federal agents to raid the homes for former DOJ officials.

Yet, here we are.

Federal investigators on Wednesday conducted a search of the home of former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, people briefed on the matter tell CNN.

Clark is the former DOJ lawyer who former President Donald Trump sought to install as attorney general in the days before the January 6 Capitol riot as top officials refused to go along with his vote fraud claims.

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He was at the center of an effort by Trump to get the Justice Department to falsely claim there was enough voter fraud in Georgia and other states that he lost, in a last-minute bid to help sow doubt about Joe Biden’s victory and pave the way for him to remain in power.

A spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office in Washington confirmed that “there was law enforcement activity in the vicinity” of Clark’s home but declined to comment on any particular person or activity.

The backlash was swift and stern.

The Center for Renewing America, where Clark works, confirmed the search at Clark’s house, calling it a “weaponization of government.”

“The new era of criminalizing politics is worsening in the US. Yesterday more than a dozen DOJ law enforcement officials searched Jeff Clark’s house in a pre-dawn raid, put him in the streets in his pajamas, and took his electronic devices. All because Jeff saw fit to investigate voter fraud. This is not America, folks,” the group’s president Russ Vought, the former Office of Management and Budget director under Trump, said in a statement. “The weaponization of government must end. Let me be very clear. We stand by Jeff and so must all patriots in this country.”

And while the left will surely hold up the evidence they gather here for egregious exaltation, those with anything more than a cursory understanding of the situation will likely find the whole thing to be a bit “iffy” still.

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