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Firefighters Battle Two-Hour Tesla Fire as Twitter Goes Up in Flames

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Sometimes, the symbolism of the moment really speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Like this week, in which Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter appears to be going off the rails with some serious velocity at the same time as authorities in Pennsylvania are reporting on a wild vehicle fire involving one of the eccentric billionaire’s Tesla electric vehicles.

A Pennsylvania fire company said it took 12,000 gallons of water and two hours to put out a Tesla fire on I-80.

The Morris Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 said on Facebook that it quickly became clear “that this was not your typical vehicle fire” when they got to the scene Tuesday.

The Tesla kept reigniting and would “burn fiercely” because of the lithium ion battery, the fire company said. Usually it takes 500 gallons of water to put out a vehicle fire, but they said this one took 12,000.

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There wasn’t much car left when it was all said and done.

Like this Tesla, there may not be much left of Twitter when Elon Musk’s done with her either.

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