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FLASHBACK: All the Times Obama Kicked Reporters Out of His Events

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The media has been having an absolute feeding frenzy over the White House’s decision to bar CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins from a press event after she rudely refused to stop asking the President questions or even leave the Oval Office after an event with EU leaders.

Of course, the way the media, and Collins herself, spun the story, she was barred from the event because she had bravely asked hard-hitting questions that embarrassed Trump and sent him into an anti-First Amendment rage,  and Trump is now in a dark, smoky room somewhere plotting to imprison and assassinate the brave reports of the networks he hates.

How do you think this same media responded, though, when Obama rudely ejected a pushy journalist from a press event?

Very differently, as you’ve probably already guess. In fact, the rest of the press pool present at the time actually cheered when the person, a transgender activist pressing the President on the deportation of LGBT individuals (that’s right, Obama deported tons of illegal immigrants) was kicked out of the presser.

One Twitter user offered to refresh the media’s memory:

Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit

Then there was the time a Washington Free Beacon reporter was kicked out of an event:

Aaaand the time Politico chided The Daily Caller for daring to interrupt King Obama! 

And it goes on and on:

Ukraine President Says 'Hunger Catastrophe' Looming Over Horizon

Tell me again how Trump hates the First Amendment?

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